Welcome To More Than Human

Train well. Eat well. Live Well.

The Programme

The More Than Human fitness programme is aimed at people who train to be better at life and is designed to give subscribers a structure to follow which will improve strength, movement, conditioning. nutrition, education and includes exclusive social events.


Who should subscribe?

Our program is aimed at people want to follow a weekly structure to improve their general fitness, without the demands of a competitor fitness programme. Suitable for ages 18+ with options within the programming to accommodate older participants.


Meet the team

Our team has a wealth of experience providing bespoke fitness and support plans for a broad range of abilities. We all have a shared vision to improve people’s lives through functional fitness, a progressive support plan, good nutrition and an active social life.


Do you have what it takes to become More Than Human?

“Fitness marketing campaigns will have you believe that being more athletic is being more human. However this is only part of the story. Our ability to adapt and evolve under adverse circumstances is really what makes us human. This is truly survival of the fittest. Most of us must negotiate the kind of demanding lifestyles that mean we will never be able to realise our athletic potential. With our attentions divided between work commitments, financial limitations and enforced time constraints, the majority of us will never be the best Olympic lifters or tyre flippers as competitive athletes may be. If we are to buy into the notion that being human is being more athletic, then the majority of us who train under the adverse circumstances presented by modern life must consider ourselves to be more than human and a training programme for this majority must be more than human also.” – Ben O’Malley

More Than Human Training