The More Than Human programme is aimed at people who train to be better at life and is designed to give subscribers a structure to follow which will improve strength, movement and conditioning as part of an active lifestyle.

More Than Human Programme Reading

  • The More Than Human programme also features nutritional guidance and regular social events as we believe these aspects of life are fundamental to overall well-being.
  • Our programme recognises the demands of a busy lifestyle and a need to optimise time spent training by providing a purposeful structure based in universal principles of strength and conditioning.
  • We also believe that training should be fun. We encourage our followers to pursue a range of additional fitness activities and take advantage of opportunities to enjoy social events as part of our wider community.
  • The programme is a rolling monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.
Programme Price
More Than Human £25.00 per Month. Select


Each week – will include 4 sessions. Each session has a duration of approximately 1 hour. The sessions will typically include 5 sections.

Each session – will be accompanied with helpful tutorial aids such as videos, news articles and links to educational literature. Subscribers will also be able to contact our coaches directly for additional guidance when needed.

Subscribers – will also have access to the More Than Human forum where they can share their experiences and engage with the wider network of participants.

  • Movement

  • Strength

  • Play

  • Conditioning

Typical Movements

Subscribers can expect to undertake movements which are familiar to the functional fitness gym environment, sports strength and conditioning training facilities. Pushing, pulling, squatting and hinging will feature on a regular basis and we work hard to develop and improve the more basic fundamental movements in a number of varied across the course of the programme.

Typical Equipment You will Need Access To

You will need to have access to a range of training equipment in order to be able to follow the programme appropriately. These include kettlebells of varying weights, barbells, plates and bumper plates, dumbbells, pull up bars, Olympic rings, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, open space and floor space for bodyweight movements.

More Than Human 5 Baseline Markers

The programme incorporates 5 basic tests which will be revisited throughout the programme to help establish progress and allow participants an opportunity to assess how the programme is working for them. These tests are designed to consider a range of fitness and health key performance indicators relevant to the purpose behind the More Than Human programme. These include, core conditioning, grip strength, anaerobic capacity, range of movement, recovery time, explosive strength, balance and co-ordination under fatigue.

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