“The More Than Human team has a wealth of experience providing bespoke fitness and support plans for a broad range of abilities and we have a shared vision to improve people’s lives through functional fitness. We believe this is attainable through a progressive support plan rooted in universal principles of training, combined with good nutrition and an active social life which considers the demands of a busy lifestyle.” – More Than Human Team

Ben OMalley Staff

Ben O’Malley

Director and Founder

Ben is a full time personal assistant to Adrian who has an acquired brain injury, and he has a wealth of experience supporting people with complex needs. Together Ben and Adrian have travelled the UK giving seminars about the benefits of a functional fitness inspired support plan to aid neurological adaptations under adverse circumstances.

Ben considers the pursuit of improving functional movement as the primary catalyst for enhancing both physical and mental work capacity. Through his coaching, Ben uses the basic principles of Olympic lifting and gymnastic techniques as tools to improve people’s capabilities both inside and outside of the gym environment.

Community is an extremely important component of Ben’s approach to life and he has incorporated this in the series of Scale the Heights fitness events he runs with his wife Gemma. Scale the Heights are creative inclusive fitness events which have broken the mould of traditional formats, incorporating live music, engaging story concepts and a personable approach designed to make regular people feel like stars in the process.

Ben has created the More Than Human programme for the fitness enthusiast who has wants to be better at life but cannot commit to the demands of a competitor training programme. By introducing a social events element to the More Than Human programme, Ben has introduced a more systematic approach to developing people’s well-being beyond the gym environment.

Barney Staff

Barnaby Gehlcken

Nutrition Coach

Barnaby had a passion for cooking from a young age and has been a professional chef for over 21 years, from great British pubs to the opening of five star hotel kitchens, picking up 3AA rosettes along the way. Chef of Decent Ready Meals which provide healthy nutritious convenience foods free from artificial ingredients.

He is also General Manager, Coach & Paleo Nutritionist at Crossfit Connect, a strength & conditioning facility in Brighton & Hove that embraces CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Gymnastics and Interval Training in its fully rounded methodology.

As if that wasn’t enough, Barnaby is the founder of the True Grit Initiative, which is a charitable project aiming to offer free gym usage to wounded service men and women across the UK via CrossFit Boxes initially. The organisation raises money to fund courses to educate gym owners and coaches about how to help adaptive athletes to train effectively and to help them to compete in competitions/events.